Important Home Areas to Check after Winter


Every winter, your home faces harsh weather, and it may benefit you to examine your home during the warmer months for any areas that may need maintenance to avoid excessive and costly repairs to your home during or after the winter. Here are few things to check before the snow starts to fall.

1. The Roof: Excess snowfall on the roof during winter adds weight to the structure, which is why it’s imperative to check its integrity often. Thoroughly examine it for leaks and erosion. Check the soffits and eaves for damage. Look on the ground for loose shingles. If you see any, have the roof inspected by a qualified roofer and schedule repairs as soon as possible. Correcting potential issues early could prevent any catastrophic emergencies later on.

2. The Garden: It is a known fact that the winter is unfavorable for most flowering plants. Check your garden for any plants that may need to be pruned or given any special attention before the cold months hit. Remove dead trees; add hardy hybrids and be sure to give your garden enough attention to watch it flourish even through the winter months.

3. The Garage: Even though your garage is well-secured and covered, you’ll still want to maintain its upkeep during the winter. Your cars may bring in snow, mud, deicer, sand and debris. Be sure to keep the floors cleaned and check the walls and corners for any place that may house rodents or other pests.

4. The Pipes: Your water pipes are another essential thing to check after winter. During winter, pipes are prone to freezing and can split, crack, or burst, which becomes a hard problem to fix. Ensure they are in good condition before winter and recheck them after the season to fix any issues as soon as possible.

5. Chimney: Take a cursory look at your chimney after winter. There’s a good chance it may have been damaged during the season. Ice can be very destructive, especially to your chimney’s mortar and flashing where the chimney joins the roof, and may cause problems in the long run. Check your fireplace to ensure proper ventilation and cleanliness to avoid fire and smoke damage. Make sure to clean the creosote from the fireplace after seasonal use to promote your fireplace’s longevity and maintain safety standards.

6. Garden Shed: For people that have a separate building for their garden tools, it is vital that you check this place after winter. Ensure that the ice and excessive wind haven’t caused damage, and just as you did for your primary home, check the roof, eaves and flashing for damage.

Check all these places after each winter season and before the summer heat drives it from the forefront of your mind. You may want to dedicate at least one day to checking your home for early signs of damage or for areas that may need to be updated and reinforced. Your RealtorĀ® may have a few other suggestions for maintaining your home or preparing for any regional hardships that may arise during the winter.

Steps for Restoring Your Deck

The best way to clean a deck is to follow the right steps. Each of the steps involved in restoring it is essential, so you should not skip any of them.  The pressure washer eliminates stains, dirt, and mildew while the stripper removes the previous finish.  The wood brightener cleans the wood further and balances your deck chemically.  So, it is essential you carry out all the steps involved in the restoring your deck. Here are the steps to follow:

Deck Cleaning 

The first step is to get the floor cleaned. Remove everything you have on it to enable you to have proper preparation for the deck treatment.

Tighten screws on deck and replace board

Once you have carried out the first important step, you can now easily notice the nails or screws that are not in position. Identify any loose piece of wood, railings, or board secure them in place with screws. 

Sand deck 

Neglecting a deck for a long time would require the use of a sander to restore it.  Take this step only if the decking needs it. 

Deck Washing

The best way to get rid of dirt on your deck is by pressure washing. Use a pressure washer that has a wide-angle tip to get your decking cleaned from any grime or dirt.  And, make certain it is dry before applying any finish.

Use a Deck Cleaner

Once you have pressure washed your deck, consider using a deck cleaner. This procedure is important because your surface must be very clean when trying to revive your deck with a finish.

Use Wood Brightener 

If you have not achieved the desired level of cleaning, you can repeat the cleaning process with a wood brightener. Wash Deck again You need to remove all the cleaner and chemicals from your deck at this stage.

Check if the deck is ready for sealer 

How do you know if your floor is dry enough? An easy way to see if you can apply a sealer to it is by pouring two or three spoonfuls of water in a part of the deck that is not obvious. If it absorbs the water quickly, within eight to ten minutes, it suggests that it is ready for sealing.  

Apply deck sealer 

Apply a deck sealer once your deck is dry enough. 

The steps involved in restoring your deck are simple; follow the procedure above and make sure you don’t skip any of the tips to achieve the desired result. If you would like a more professional touch, contact a professional deck contractor to help you take good care of your deck and bring it back to life.